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 More Feeder bins

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VaHerp Senior Crew
VaHerp Senior Crew

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PostSubject: More Feeder bins   Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:39 pm

We moved into our apartment back in August and I'm finally getting around to unpacking a few tubs. After unpacking them, I now have 5 (though one has a broken lid and another doesn't have a lid at all) empty bins. With my plans of starting my own feeder business, I'm wondering what I should do with them. Three of them are the type that have the hinged lids (the kind that has two halves and you flip them towards each other and fit the edges into each other. One of those is broken, but usable). The other two are just plain tubs, one with a lid and wheels on it, the other with no lid.

Other than Dubia (I still have tons of room left in the tub they are in), what insect breeding colonies could I start up?
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PostSubject: Re: More Feeder bins   Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:54 pm

Super worms and or Mealies would be a good choice in my personal opinion, especially if you or anyone you know keeps any variety of dragon, leo, or aft. They are also fairly easy to reproduce if memory serves me correctly, I would strongly advise avoiding crickets as, they smell horrible (especially when they die off in numbers), require a lot of space ( they tend to be cannibalistic so separating by size tends to be very necessary), and they are noisy (especially when they get loose, which they always do and it seems like you can never find nor rid your home of them once they do, it drives me bonkers).

Regards and much luck.
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More Feeder bins
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