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 Lesbian crestie...or bullying?

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VaHerps Crew
VaHerps Crew

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PostSubject: Lesbian crestie...or bullying?   Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:52 pm

Facepalm I know, I know...

Well, after taking a bit of a hiatus, I'm back! And with a question/concern. First, my two cresties have been doing very well and gained plenty of weight. Now I thought both were females but I'm now questioning this. I know one, possibly both, may be laying eggs, but this past weekend I discovered Red Ranger biting on Nova while seemingly trying to mount her. Has anyone else who have kept two females together seen this before? Or could it be that Red's hemipenes haven't, err, "grown out" yet? I've checked both throughout the months for pores but I wasn't able to notice anything on either one.

I'll have to get fresh weights for the both of them today, and I'm already getting my ExoTerra tank ready so that I can separate them, but I was hoping I could get some input. Thanks!
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Lesbian crestie...or bullying?
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