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 More Negative Legislation Attempts

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PostSubject: More Negative Legislation Attempts    Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:22 pm

The USFWS is trying to grant itself the broad power to add species to the Lacey act without any due process or without following any of the National Environmental Policy Act requirements. The NEPA requires them to have REAL science to justify simply banning the interstate transport or import of species. The NEPA also requires them to do a cost benefit analysis of the economic impact. This proposal will allow them to bypass all of that.
Heres a link to a prewritten letter from USARK that you can send heres

Looks like boas are under fire federally again and the remaining large constrictors
All Boa constrictor subspecies (including the Argentine boa) are facing legislation that would make interstate commerce and transportation illegal. Even members of our military, who are often relocated, would not even be able to take their pets if they were transferred. Taking their pets would make them criminals.
Heres the USARK letter you can copy and paste to send
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More Negative Legislation Attempts
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