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 Anyone want anything from Bushmaster Reptiles???

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VaHerps Crew
VaHerps Crew

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PostSubject: Anyone want anything from Bushmaster Reptiles???   Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:01 pm

Hello all. I'm thinking about placing an order with Bushmaster Reptiles, but can't meet their minimum order of $400. If anyone wants anything on the list below please email me at: Note: prices don't include shipping. I've ordered from them before and they have nice stuff.

Thanks, David

Bushmaster price list

Our minimum order is $400.00


WC Golden Eye Blood Adult male 3500.00ea

CH Golden Eye Blood Pythons (Het T-) 3500.00ea

CH T- Albino Ivory Blood Pythons 6000.00pr

CH T- Albino Matrix Bloods 4000.00pr

CH T- Albino Bloods 1200.00pr

CH T+ Albino Bloods 175.00ea

CH Ivory Bloods (Het T-) 2.1 3500.00trio

CH Black Ivorys 1300.00pr

CH Matrix Bloods (Het Ivory) 400.00pr

CH Boelens Pythons 5000.00pr

CH Rough Scale Pythons (morelia carinata) 2400.00pr

CH Albino Olives (Liasis olivacious) 7000.00pr
Guyana Red Tails 100.00

Baby Green Anacondas 75.00

Brazilian Rainbows mix sizes 85.00

Amazon Tree Boas "normals" 25.00 12/23.00 25/21.00

Amazon Tree Boas "colored" 65.00 4/60.00

Baby Timor Pythons 750.00pr

Baby red Bloods 45.00 12/40.00 25/35.00

Tanimbar Amethystines adults (2.1) 375.00

Bar Beck Amethystine 125.00

D'Alberts Pythons 100.00

Chondros "Cyclops Mtn young adults 250.00

CH Chondros "Merauke" 225.00

Chondros "Biak" 175.00 6/165.00

CH Chondros "Manakwari" 225.00

CH Chondros "lereh" 225.00

Colombian Rainbow WC 35.00

CH Costa Rican Boas 50.00 6/45.00

CH Pied Balls (high white) 1200.00pr

CH Pied Balls (med. white) 1000.00pr

Red Tail Ratsnakes (Gonysoma) 45.00

Banded Elephant Trunk Snakes 25.00

Sunbeam Snakes 15.00


Baby Ornate Uromastyx 65.00 12/60.00 25/55.00 50/50.00

Uromastyx benti 85.00 6/80.00 12/75.00

Black Tree Monitors 325.00pr

Baby Water Monitors 60.00 3/55.00 6/50.00

Baby Black Roughneck Monitors 100.00

Tokays Assorted Abberants 95.00

Tokay Geckos 6.50 12/5.50 25/4.50

Irian Jaya Blue Tongues 85.00

Halmhera Blue Tongues 95.00


Indian Star Tortoises 450.00ea

Mata mata 10 inch 250.00

FROGS & Amphibians:

Fire Salamanders 25.00 12/23.00 25/20.00

Pipa pipa 25.00 6/20.00 12/15.00


Goliath Bird Eaters 45.00 6/40.00 12/35.00


CH Mang Mtn Vipers Males 3500.00

Adult Beaded Lizards 500.00


Matrix Bloods 350.00pr

Sunbeaam Snakes 12/10.00

Red Tail Green Ratsnakes 6/40.00 12/35.00

Amazon Tree Boas 12/20.00
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Anyone want anything from Bushmaster Reptiles???
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