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 Mealworm Colony

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VaHerp Senior Crew
VaHerp Senior Crew

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PostSubject: Mealworm Colony   Sun May 06, 2012 11:24 am

Well my mealworm colony is still going strong. I have a few batches of baby worms I'm growing up. One batch is almost full grown and I have many more beetles. I hope to increase the size of the colony and begin selling mealworms as feeders for birds and reptiles.

I found a rather efficient way of sorting the pupa from the worms and food. I use a screen lid for a reptile tank and sit it over an empty bin. I dump the full bin on the screen and the worms, poop, and food fall through while all of the pupa stay on the screen. The ownly downfall is really small pupa will sometimes fall through and sometimes pupa will fall down into the holes but not go all the way through. They are easily plucked from the screen, but, but I was wondering if anyone who breeds mealworms has a better system for sorting out pupa.
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Mealworm Colony
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