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 Mealworm Colony

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VaHerp Senior Crew

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PostSubject: Mealworm Colony   Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:35 pm

The mealworm colony is doing great! I have plans to expand it now that I know I can actually get these things to breed. Very Happy I have several thousand babies I'm growing up has future breeders. Currently, I keep them on quick oats because I had some lying around, but I may switch to using wheat bran or something similar. I use carrots for moisture. These things are so easy. Now if only my leopard gecko would eat them already! She used to love these things.

I started out with a cup of 500 worms. The beetles from that group are slowly dying off after having given me thousands of babies. I then went out and bought 1000 and am waiting on those to pupate.

Does anyone know how long it takes a mealworm to go from hatching to a fully grown worm that is ready to pupate?
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Mealworm Colony
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