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 Wanted: Rats/Mice

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PostSubject: Wanted: Rats/Mice   Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:26 pm

So I think we have decided against breeding our own rats for now.. with the new house still being set up and unpacked and such and realizing my parents garage needs too much work to be sufficient for breeding in the section we were going to use, we have decided to just buy them...

But now with more mouths to feed with all our new additions, we were wondering if anyone in the Southside Hampton Roads area breeds their own and would be willing to sell us some if they have extras... we can work out a deal if needed but just thought I'd throw it out there?? If not we can of course go to the petstore and get them but Miles has been having a hard time finding exactly what we may be looking for at the time... we officially have 19 (i think) snakes and Feeding is starting to be a alot more hectic than before lol. we have set up the hatchling rack because we needed the space and took the much smaller BPs and put them in the hatchling rack if the sizes was good for them until we can get Rich to build us our new rack... using the hatchling rack we should be ok as long as we dont pick up anymore in the next 2 weeks lol. We prefer rats but have only had luck getting our hands on mice.. Maybe we pick the wrong day of the week?? Anyone know any days that are better for going to the petstore?

Rich is sending us some heat tape and a fan and such so we can set up the incubator and he gave us one of his styrofoam incubator things just in case we need the space. We currently have a rather smaller wine fridge thing that can hold 2 or 3 clutches... since we only had 3 breedable females this year we figured this was fine and will work for now until we get more girls up to size...
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Wanted: Rats/Mice
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