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 Cage lighting

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PostSubject: Cage lighting   Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:45 pm

I just got a Baird's Ratsnake (see post in The Show Room), and he seems to enjoy having a basking lamp. He has an undertank heater, of course, with the rheostat set to 86 (it gets to about 84-85), since he is from a warm area. the cage was originally set up for a corn, so I didn't have a lighting source.
I have a clamp lamp right now, and he is always sitting under it. Since he enjoys it so much, I was thinking about changing it to a reptile bulb so he could get a broader spectrum (right now it just has a regular light bulb because I was using it for actual lighting before I got him).
Anyone have any thoughts? I'm frustrated about the lack of specific info on Baird's, which seem fairly different from temperate corns. I want him to be warm enough, but if he won't benefit from a special bulb there is no point in getting one.
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Cage lighting
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